Riverside 2020

Riverside Chattanooga 2020


Who would think such a small town, located in south east Tennessee, would draw such a large crowd of internet friends and enthusiast from practically across the world. Well, you can thank the guys at Riverside Chattanooga for creating such a special one of a kind event and for keeping it very professional for this specific 2020 event as it was thrown on its head due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Friends came together and made the best of the situation when word was announced that the show itself had to be canceled with Tennessee now being in a state of emergency. What does everyone do? A town full of people expecting a show but left with a no go. What ensued spoke volumes about how tight knit and ingenious this massive group of friends really are. Have Fun and Take Over (Literally).

Day's 1-2

March 13th/14th (shoots, shenanigans and pop up meets)

Coverage by @5am.media / @tzm.media / @crisp.media